Uncovering Your Purpose

What’s your purpose? There tends to be an overwhelming silence when this question gets asked. The thing about purpose or meaning is that it’s not all-encompassing. Little things can be the guiding light toward finding purpose and meaning in your life. Confused? Don’t be.

There aren’t too many people who know what they are born to do. It’s a hard concept to grasp because it’s such a giant idea. The fact of the matter is that a lot of us THINK we don’t know our purpose and meaning; because we think that it’s this abstract idea reserved for the Oprah’s of the world.

As a matter of fact, it’s not necessarily about finding a purpose. You see, the actual act of searching for a purpose is enough for your brain to change how you operate.


But I should probably rephrase myself because purpose is something you can’t necessarily search for, it’s something that you uncover and maybe that’s still daunting for many, but there are ways to help people uncover it and today I plan on sharing those ways with you. 

First and foremost: What do you love?

I personally love helping others find success and clarity, but not everyone is like me. Some people love sharing information. Some people like helping animals. Some people like entertaining others.

Sometimes learning what you love requires you to step back for a second to really take in how you feel in these moments.

Let’s go on to number two… What comes easily to you?

Some people relish in public speaking and others may shine behind a computer screen. You shouldn’t try to force something out of yourself if it doesn’t come easy to you. If you want to spread your message, but get physically ill before public speaking, what’s another way you can share your message? What comes easily to you?

Lastly… What is your heart telling you to do more of?

If you listen and pay attention closely, your heart will tell you what to do. Sometimes this can be shown in the form of a constant playback in your head and other times it can be a physical feeling of glee and joy.

At the end of the day, your heart will guide you and help you uncover your purpose or at least will help you along the search. 

And you may be wondering how this connects on a business sense. Rather, how do you combine this to help you in business? After all, purpose and business do go hand-in-hand. Well, to learn more, you’ll JUST have to wait until next time.


 How can we serve you? Jacqueline Jasionowski is the founder of Shift Awake Group. Her "soul" mission is to help others connect with their purpose through a higher level of consciousness that will both drive results and enable innovation along the way. Please contact 614.403.6540 for info.


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