Peloton: More than a Fancy Bike with Hot Instructors

Peloton is a lesson in creating a People First Culture.

Yes, your ride may begin with a shout out from your favorite instructor and end in your living room, but Peloton got it right way before that - they started with their people first.

Years ago, I had a desire to open up a fitness studio. I wanted to offer spin (indoor cycling), hot yoga and barre classes with dreams of luxury levels of customer experience, where we anticipated every customer’s need. In order to deliver on...

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Go Inside to Reconnect with Your Company Purpose

In my last journal post, you learned ways you can unlock or uncover your purpose. We spoke about this on a personal level and asked questions such as: What do you love? What comes easily to you?

If you somehow missed it, I definitely recommend you go back and read it here. While you read it, take the time to take some notes on these questions. 

Today, I wanted to highlight how business and purpose work tandem with one another and how uncovering your purpose to exceed in business is not...

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