Flex Your Mind and Welcome in Awareness

Welcome, this is where you learn how to step into awareness.

You're ready to remove the blinders you have up and learn how to take back control of your mind. Almost all you do in life is subconscious. You’ve repeated similar actions and your brain automatically takes you to the road MOST traveled. This is good for a variety of reasons, most importantly because it conserves energy for your body. However, when it comes time to change a behavior or pattern that is no longer...

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A Search for Consciousness in Business

That wave of pride you feel when crossing the finish line of a hard-trained-for marathon. The swooning epiphany that you’re in love while holding hands in Italy. The rush of excitement that hits when you walk into a concert to see your favorite band play for the first time.

The most beautiful “aha” moments of our personal lives are marked by consciousness—a state that taps into our very reason for being and allows us to experience the joy of living.

For most of us,...

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