Meet Jacqueline

If I was any more excited about my work, I would spontaneously combust. Put another way, in the enlightened language I’ve learned to speak: I am living my purpose.


This professional nirvana I operate in—infused as it is with drive, passion and energy—is, of course, a kick-ass place to be. But I didn’t get here without effort, resilience, openness, a willingness to push boundaries and, most of all, consciousness. Like most of us, my quest was nonlinear and riddled with key, often difficult moments that I only later recognized as pivotal.

As a kid growing up in Canton, Ohio, I was the little performer, the helper, and the explorer. There was divorce, Catholic school and memories best forgotten. Later, there was grad school, a series of cross-country moves, Italy and, finally, an enthusiastic dive into the East Coast hustle.

Throughout it all—including 17 years working for a luxury automotive brand—I have been motivated by a strong desire to push boundaries and revolt against any kind of normalcy. It wasn’t until 2014, however, that I uncovered how best to channel that desire.

First, I met up with two friends who had the very things I wanted, but didn’t know how to get: a sense of liberation, inner peace and crazy energy.

They were like these magical sunbeams, and I knew I had to experience for myself the coaching program that lit them up. Both personally and professionally, the program was nothing short of transformational.

Almost immediately after completing the course, I wanted to share the gospel of my newfound insight with colleagues.

I passionately believed they needed to understand what I now did, and began developing the first of a series of three workshops intended to disrupt their thinking, challenge their assumptions and inspire creative, thoughtful solutions that drove positive results.

The second presentation, called “The Power of Hello” was so successful that company leaders agreed to have me travel the country delivering it to dealerships.

That same year, I lost my brother in a car accident—the first time I’d experienced real tragedy. While I would go back in time and prevent what happened if I could, this experience is now a painful part of my journey.

When my brother passed and I began delving deeper into meditation, I was gifted with the understanding that it is possible to look for and find meaning in pain. For me, that meaning is being able to relate to people on a new level.

Today, I am grateful to be living my purpose: helping leaders tap into a mindful approach to innovation so they, in turn, can live their purpose. It’s a pretty awesome life.


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