I believe your future as a leader is determined by your secrets.

It's time to show the world who you really are.

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Are you ready to speak the unspoken?

I believe secrets keep a leader's soul in bondage. This leads to fear, unhappiness and suppressed creativity, which filters into the success of their business, relationships and personal growth. In 1:1 sessions, I coach leaders that are ready to stop giving power to the past and ready to show the world who they truly are.

There are two kinds of secrets.

What you may not know is they both derive from the same place. The suppression of your creativity.

1. Secrets We Think People Don't Value.

A secret skill, hobby or talent we keep quiet and practice in private.

2. Secrets We Are Ashamed to Admit.

A habit, behavior, past action we keep in the dark. 

Pressure reveals the secrets of a leader's soul.

What would you do with freedom?

Whether you've held onto your secret for a year or your whole life, you have misdirected your creativity. This creativity you now need to navigate yourself through the pressure on your business, your team or family. It's time you realize your secret is no longer serving you.

What was once hidden is now useful.

Why work with Jacqueline?

We all have a secret. A secret skill. A secret behavior. A secret fantasy, dream or even life. Not all secrets are meant to be revealed, but many are asking to be healed. How do you do that? You bring them to the surface, into the light. 

It sounds so easy, but why does it feel so hard? 

Judgment. Our fear of what others will think of us. This prevails over our need to release ourselves into the leaders that we are capable of becoming. Instead, we keep them hidden and silent. In doing so, we pinch off our creativity and never show the world who we truly are and live our life in the shadows of our potential. The truth - you can choose again.

Are you ready to speak the unspoken? 


Are you ready?

To stop spending emotional energy on something that no longer serves you? It's time to own your whole self. 

SAY HELLO! I can help.

What keeps you held back, keeps you still.

The Journal

In this journal, I honor my whole self. In doing so, I share it with you.


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